About Us

Our philosophy is quite simple

The very success of any organisation is contingent upon its ability to recruit, leverage and retain exceptional people. If you can do this better than your competitors, you will outperform them in all other ways...
it really is that simple.

MNA Global is an upstream specialist.
Our business is recruiting exceptional people... yours is leveraging them.

A solid partnership based upon this understanding will, like no other, have a profound effect upon the performance and value of your enterprise.

Michael Newton, Managing Director

Experience counts

MNA Global is a team of seasoned professionals, with each consultant having over 25 years in the upstream sector; a concentration of experience that is rare in the industry. We have a comprehensive knowledge of upstream disciplines and extensive personal networks comprising key hiring managers and the most accomplished and sought after upstream professionals.

Global reach

Since our inception in 1994 we have chosen to work for some of the very best companies in the industry. We have several large multinational clients and also enjoy working with small to medium independents that are in growth mode.

We service the needs of companies in over 30 countries. We are skilled at working within a specific geomarket such as Perth or Kuala Lumpur, or internationally on expatriate roles anywhere in the world. We draw on candidates from over 50 countries and are keen to identify the best talent in the industry no matter where that individual is currently working.

Upstream specialists

Our forte is the placement of tertiary qualified, mid-career and senior technical professionals in geoscience and petroleum engineering related disciplines, along with all other surface engineering and commercial roles in the upstream sector. Our position within the industry and our global connections ensure we are able to respond quickly to the needs of our clients.

Exceptional people

Whether you work with MNA Global to identify an exceptional career move, or to find an outstanding candidate, you not only get the quality of results that our collective experience can deliver, you will also be working with professionals who adhere to the highest standards of trust and ethics, and who will enhance your reputation in the marketplace.

A conversation with one of our team will convince you that there is no substitute for the experience that MNA Global will bring to the table.